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Jr. High Girls Volleyball Tournament

Jr. High Girls Volleyball Tournament

Caroline School

November 3rd

  1. Caroline
  2. Matt’s
  3. DT Black
  4. DT Blue



                                    White Court                                                Blue Court

10:30am                               1 vs. 4                                                           

11:30pm                               2 vs. 3

12:30am                               1 vs. 3                                                           

1:30pm                                 2 vs. 4

2:30am                                 2 vs. 1                                                           

3:30pm                                 3 vs. 4


Game 1:                    4:30pm         1st  vs. 4nd      White court

Game 2:                    4:30pm         2nd vs. 3rd    White court

Game 3:                    5:30pm         Loser of Game 1 vs. Loser of Game 2  White Court

Game 4:                    5:30pm         Winner of Game Winner of Game 1 vs. Winner of                                                                       Whitecourt




Tournament Information

  • Tournament fee is 250 dollars payable to Caroline School. Please give the cheque to our team’s coach on the day of the tournament.
  • Teams will be given a room for the weekend (starting at 4pm Friday) to have team meetings and hanging out. Please keep this room tidy!
  • There will be a coaches/officials room in the staff room.
  • No playing with volleyballs in the halls or the classrooms.
  • Please be ready to play ahead of schedule.
  • Best of 2 in Round robin. Cap at 27.
  • Best of 3 in playoffs. Cap at 27 first 2 sets.  To 15 and no cap in the 3rd
  • Warm ups may be limited to 3 minute hitting and 1 minute serving if we are behind schedule so please have your team do warm ups without the balls.


Good Luck and have a good tournament!


Hoang Le

Caroline School




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