School Policies


Except for days in which travel endangers the health and safety of students and employees, the school will remain open.  It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to decide whether or not it is safe to send their children to school on any given day.

Parents/guardians and students are asked to download the Bus Status App. Simply go to the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store, search “bus status” and download it. Our school bus application notifies you if your school bus is delayed or cancelled.

When the weather and wind-chill factors combine to create a temperature of -25º Celsius or lower, students may begin entering the building as early as 8:30 a.m., where adult supervisors will be on duty. When the temperature with wind-chill is approaching -25º Celsius, but may not get there, PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR CHILDREN ARE DRESSED APPROPRIATELY FOR THE WEATHER.


In order to ensure that students are adequately supervised at all times, they must remain outdoors with our supervisors until the entrance bell sounds at 8:50 a.m. School doors are locked until 8:50 a.m. to ensure that students remain within sight of school staff. (Note: Pre-Kindergarten students are permitted to enter earlier than 8:45 a.m.) 


Students in grades four through eight are provided with the use of a locker. Students are expected to keep their lockers tidy. The school issues combination locks for every locker. If the student loses the lock, they will be required to purchase a replacement. No one is to change locks or lockers without the consent of the office. Student lockers belong to the school, not to the student. The locker is subject to search at any time without notification by any personnel associated with the school, or by persons representing other authorities, including the police. Younger students do not have lockers and do not receive locks.


Telephone calls to students and staff during class time is discouraged so as not to disrupt the educational program. However, messages will be accepted and relayed by office staff during break times. Students are not permitted to use the office telephone, except in emergencies. A courtesy phone is provided for student use.


Students are prohibited from using personal electronic devices on school property. These items are expensive and must be left at home. The school will not be responsible for lost or stolen electronic devices. Further, personal modern technology can be used to compromise the academic integrity and is therefore not permitted.

Some parents/guardians provide their children with cell phones to ensure their safety to and from school. The school understands modern concerns regarding student safety and permits cell phones for this purpose. However, cell phones must be turned off and put away in backpacks upon arrival at school, and may not be re-activated until students step off school property at the end of the day. 


Every morning before school, and every afternoon after school, several of our students ride shuttle buses from and to the Pioneer/Lochearn bus lanes.

All St. Matthew Catholic School students are required to use the shuttle service, and may not walk between the schools. This becomes especially urgent in the winter when snow is piled high (obstructing the view of drivers) and the roads are slippery. Please reinforce this important rule to your children at home if they use the shuttle service busing services of Wild Rose School Division.

Student Handbook

For additional information regarding our school policies, please download our Student Handbook.